If you had never seen a Los Angeles adult dating site in your life then Horny Matches might look fine. Even if you’ve visited others it might seem decent at first glance but it’s way behind the times. They lack anything beyond the ability to write messages and post pictures. They’re so far behind the other sites in the adult dating world it’s ridiculous. You have to wonder how they even have members, but with more than 7 million worldwide it’s still a pretty popular site (that number probably includes free members though, which you can’t really message so they don’t really count).


The bad design is the first strike against this Los Angeles sex dating site but it’s not just that it’s simple and a little bit ugly. It’s that they lack stuff like video chat, instant messaging, and video uploads from members. On other sites, that stuff alone makes it worth the monthly membership fee. Some Los Angeles dating sites have enough content that you could use it to jerk off without contacting anyone if you were so inclined. It’s not the reason to join but it makes the roughly $30/month you pay for one of these sites seem worth it. Horny Matches can’t provide that because they didn’t want to put the work or money into doing so, I guess.

That’s a bit of an issue but it’s the number of women on the site that are really the problem. In California, which is where anyone interested in Los Angeles dating would be looking, obviously, there are only 24,900 profiles for women seeking men. That’s the entirety of California, the most populous state in the US. There are nearly 700,000 profiles for men seeking women. That’s staggering! If you’re a woman this is probably a great site to check out because you have your pick of the bunch. If you’re a man it’s an

absolutely terrible idea because you will never get laid unless you’re an Adonis or you’re willing to pay the women. What are they doing wrong here? The ratio of men to women on Los Angeles adult dating sites is never going to be 1:1, but it’s 28:1 here and that’s unacceptable. That means you’re throwing away your money. You’d be better off hooking up with a Los Angeles escort.

The women of Horny Matches are not particularly attractive, either. You’ll certainly find a few hotties in the mix, but remember that there are 28 men competing for every girl so the hot chicks probably have hundreds of guys messaging them. If you want to date unattractive middle-aged women that are overweight then this place is perfect. Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for then you only need to go to the grocery store since women like that are everywhere.

There isn’t much information available about most of the women. They almost all put up pictures and that’s the most important info, but if you could join a site with lots of info on what the women look for in a man, what they’re willing to do in bed, what gets them off, and more, why would you spend money on Horny Matches where they offer little more than a few lines and the basic profile info of height, weight, etc. You wouldn’t. They simply don’t put in the effort at Horny Matches and all their members suffer as a result.

Horny Matches is one of the worst Los Angeles adult dating sites. There is little reason to even consider a membership and lots of reasons to avoid it. The lack of women in any given area is troubling. They have 25,000 in the entirety of California and there’s no telling how many of those women never log on, aren’t interested in anything, etc. There’s also a 28:1 male to female ratio on here, which makes it really difficult to stand out from the crowd. The technology is behind the curve and they lack good stuff like videos and simple chat programs. It’s just a terrible site and you should turn elsewhere for your Los Angeles dating needs.

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