Fling is a large Los Angeles adult dating site with thousands of potential dates for you to check out. A search for ladies between 18-40 came back with 20,000 results and if you search in different areas of LA you’ll find even more hotties. The site is like many others in the adult dating world, although it comes up short in a few key ways that ultimately make it not entirely worth the money when there are better alternatives.

The search function is simple, as they always are, and allows you to browse the women by location, age, eye color, body type, hair color, race, religion, languages spoken,

marital status, profession, and income. You can search by keyword as well and that function will look through their profile for anything. The results are displayed in a simple table with two per row and they tell you when the girl was last online, what she’s looking for (friends with benefits, online flirting, video chat, etc), how many photos she has in her profile, what she’s seeking, and they give you a small picture so you can get a taste.

If the girl has uploaded more pictures you can browse the full gallery on her Los Angeles sex dating profile. You can also get a little more information on what she’s into. They give you a pretty big space to write what you’re looking for, but most people don’t take advantage. The better sites offer quick questions you can answer that give useful information without you having to think about it. On the other hand, if you find a lady on Fling that has taken the time to write out a lengthy paragraph or two about what she’s seeking then you know she’s actually serious about hooking up and you can spend some time crafting a message to her.

They offer a fair number of ways to get in touch with people at Fling. If you just want to see if someone is interested you can send them a quick flirt. It’s basically a notification that you’re checking them out. If they flirt you back then you send a message. You can do that via their internal email system, which works well and is easy to use. You can also request a video chat session with someone and see them face to face. There’s a chat program you can use for instant messaging as well.

Fling comes up short in a few areas, the biggest of which is the general quality of the women. It’s terribly superficial to say so, but that’s the point of these sites, right? The women at Fling aren’t as good looking as on the better adult dating sites. It’s hard to tell why that would be the case but there’s no question it is. There’s a higher percentage of obese women here and simply more that are traditionally ugly. If you like fat chicks it would be heaven, of course. If you don’t then it’s not a great fit for you. This isn’t a bad site, but there are better options for the same price so you might as well go with them.

I’m also not thrilled with the level of information offered. A picture is obviously the most important thing since Los Angeles sex dating is all about fucking and looks are at the top of the heap, but it would be nice to know a little something more about the ladies. As humans we like to sniff each other out a little before we get into the sack and that’s really not possible at Fling. At least that’s the case with most of the profiles.

They excel at offering content outside of the Los Angeles sex dating. There are lots of amateur pictures and videos to browse through. I assume they’re submissions by members but it’s not entirely clear. Either way they’re great. There are lots of webcam videos where girls pose and play and hardcore sex is included too. Fling is a fine adult dating site, but ultimately they come up short in a few important areas and when there’s a better option out there it’s not really worth the membership.

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