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City Sex is a pretty site. Some in the adult dating realm are badly done or lack any kind of graphical flair so they just look ugly and off putting. That’s definitely not the case here. They chose the right colors and the layout is perfect. They provide lots of information and keep the site functional. Along the top of the page you’ll find links to the videos, the list of people online now, and the profile search function. The member’s main page has links to the flirts and messages you’ve received, how many people have viewed your profile, etc. There’s a lot going on here and it’s one of the most impressive looking Los Angeles adult dating sites on the market.

Sadly, City Sex is a lot of sizzle and surprisingly little substance. It’s not a terrible site for Los Angeles sex dating but when there are three great choices that we’ve highlighted on this site there’s no reason to go with one that puts taking your money above everything else they do. When I first signed up to City Sex I went for the free account to have a look around. I was online less than five minutes when I received a fake chat request and in another minute a fake chat window opens up with a girl who is from Manhattan, is 21 years old, is totally hot, and tells me she’s horny! That all sounds good, but I just signed up and I don’t even have a picture up yet. She’s not a real girl! If she is then she’s being paid to try and chat to guys so they’ll sign up. The trick is, you can’t actually message her back until you’ve paid for a membership. When you do you’ll notice that she’s not there or that she’s suddenly not available. How surprising!

The other thing I find so incredibly annoying about City Sex is the huge number of fake profiles and profiles with pictures of pornstars, solo girls, and centerfolds. That happens on most sites, but the truth is it’s pretty rare. The only exception I’ve seen is City Sex. I assume all those profiles are fake and they’re meant to lure in guys that think they’re going to have a chance with the hottest chick in the world. Some of these women are stunningly beautiful so I can see why they’d do it, but the truth is those profiles don’t exist and those women aren’t online looking for sex.

It’s hugely irritating that they would do that to their customers and it’s a sign that they don’t care so much about you getting laid as they do about separating you from your money. A lot of the pictures also look like they were lifted directly from MySpace and Facebook profiles. When a Los Angeles adult dating site has pictures that are vastly different from any other out there it tells you that they’re doing something fishy, not that they simply have hotter girls and that they like to take their pictures in different ways. I also noticed that some pictures show up in multiple profiles. Is someone on their end just getting sloppy and using the same licensed pictures over and over?

There are some real women here on City Sex but the truth is, there aren’t nearly enough to warrant signing up for this site over any other. I got stunningly few messages back from people and I’ve had plenty of luck on other sites. There are simply too many fake profiles here so you end up wasting tons of time looking through them and messaging those girls when you don’t stand a chance of meeting with them because they don’t exist. Plus, they provide almost no information about any of the girls because they don’t ask for enough in the profile section. There’s simply no good reason to spend your money with City Sex when you could be spending your money on a site with real Los Angeles adult dating profiles. You’d be better of paying a Los Angeles escort over using this site.

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